Broad Street Orthodontist


Mr Hutchison has taken early retirement and the practice is now closed.


You may still leave a telephone message, however we may not reply immediately. If you were a private patient due for recall but have not yet responded to our letter about transferring to another practice and you need advice quickly or you have lost or broken your retainer, you should call another orthodontic practice or your family dentist.


NHS patients with braces, wearing retainers (up to one year after finishing active treatment), on recall or who were referred to hospital for a consultant opinion should have had a letter from the NHS England Local Area Team (L.A.T.) about transferring treatment to another orthodontist. At the time of writing, everyone should have been allocated a new orthodontist. If you are concerned, the following information may be helpful.


If you think you should have had a letter from the Health Authority offering a choice of orthodontist, but you have not heard from them, their telephone number for assistance is 01138247276


If you are in pain or your brace has broken and you have not been allocated a new orthodontist by the Health Authority, you may call any orthodontist to ask for help. If your problem occurs out of hours, please call DentaLine on 01634890300. If you have lost or broken a retainer, please contact any other orthodontist as soon as possible to ask for a replacement. Our advice for many years has been that you should never stop wearing your retainers completely.





Thank you for your help and wishing you all the very best for the future - 25/01/2018